4 Most Common Puppy Problems and How to Fight Them Effectively!


Training a young puppy may seem like a daunting task, especially when it turns out that your new dog isn’t as cute as you thought (for example: eliminates on the carpet, eats his own poop etc.). There is a number of common puppy problems such as barking, biting or whining that you will have to face while training your puppy. In this article I am going to mention a few of them and provide you with some basic solutions that can really help when one is struggling to teach the dog obedience.

Most Common Puppy Problems Part 1 – Eliminating Indoors

You need to know that a puppy is not able to control his bladder and colon until he is 12 weeks old and this can result in unexpected defecation or urination. Be prepared for such surprises and invest in a few cleaning specimens beforehand. Don’t stress about it too much either as cleaning is a normal part of the toilet training process. What you can do is to purchase a crate or design a small den for your dog in order to motivate him to learn how to control his physiological needs (dogs will do everything to avoid soiling their sleeping areas). Also, make sure you know when was the last time your pet has eaten and let him out within the first 20 minutes after that meal.

Most Common Puppy Problems Part 2 – Biting And Nipping

This is one of the most annoying puppy problems but the truth is that you cannot eliminate it entirely, especially from young dog’s life. This is because puppies use biting, nipping and mouthing as a relief to the pain and itching associated with the teething period they go through (this can last up to a few months). However, you can still redirect this behavior onto something more appropriate like a Kong chewing toy. This little device can be stuffed with dog food and snacks and will provide your pet with hours of fun and keep him far from your hands, legs, shoes etc.

Most Common Puppy Problems Part 3 – Whining

Another common puppy problem is whining. Some of us can’t stand this annoying sound, get really frustrated and punish the dog without even trying to understand what’s going on. The truth is that stopping puppies from whining is pretty easy as long as one knows what to look for when investigating the causes of whining. First make sure your dog isn’t lonely (you can move his crate to the bedroom for the night), hungry or thirsty. Also, check whether the temperature isn’t too low or too high as this may also cause him to complain. If he sits in front of the door he’s trying to signalize that he needs to relieve himself and you need to let him out. If you did all of these things and your pet continues to whine he may be dealing with some medical problems so take him to the vet if necessary.

This post has more info on how to stop dog whining.

Most Common Puppy Problems Part 4 – Barking

Last of the four most annoying puppy problems. Although barking is a natural part of every dog’s life some pets get really into it and lose control over the amount of noise they make. In order to stop excessive barking you will have to identify the cause for such behavior and treat it with a suitable solution. My favorite one is based on using a water gun. Whenever your pet starts barking shoot him straight at the face and say firmly ‘quiet’. Repeat the process every time he starts making noise in order for your dog to associate barking with the unpleasant feeling of being wet. In order for this method to work properly you need to be on the spot as often as possible and react instantly. Remember that consistency and patience are the two key elements while dealing with puppy problems.

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